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Room comes all shapes and sizes. Make sure you find the room that’s right for you.

How does it work?

To get started just search accommodation type in where you’ll be moving to. You’ll see a map of the city with a list of all the available accommodation. To narrow down the results, apply some filters at the top of the page.

What filters can I use?

There are multipleways to filter your results. By accommodation type, price, and location.

Booking a place is all about trust and should be personal. What’s more personal than directly reaching out to the advertiser?

What should I include in my message?

You should get to know the person you’re going to be renting from and they’d like to get to know you too! Introduce yourself by telling them a bit about yourself, such as where you’re from, your age, why you’re looking for a place and any questions you may have about the listing.

How many Rooms or Apartments should I reach out?

To reach a booking with an agent or landlord you both need to get to know each other to make sure you’re a good match. You’ll also both need to come to an agreement about the rent and booking period. We recommend reaching out to at least 5 listings at the same time – this will maximise your chances of finding the right place! Whats the advantage of booking with MyCampusAgent? After you’ve sent your messages, your conversation(s) will appear in your inbox. When you receive replies you’ll be notified by email or SMS depending on your preference settings, you then can manage all your conversations from the inbox or by email. BOOK THE ROOM YOU WANT Once you have talked to some landlords and you have decided to rent a room, all that’s left is booking that place and secure your stay!

How can I book a place?

There are multiple ways to book a room. After starting a conversation and coming to an agreement, you can send a booking request, or you’ll receive an invitation to book from the landlord. When requesting to book, we’ll need your payment details. Your payment will only be charged if the advertiser/landlord agrees to rent out the room to you. If you send out multiple booking requests, we make sure you won’t be charged double if two advertisers confirm your booking – no worries about that.

Benefits of booking with MyCampusAgent

We created this platform with your safety in mind. All the properties on the platform are verified and you’ll have the guarantee to move into the exact place you booked. We only transfer the first year rent to the property owner once you have moved in, to make sure everything worked out completely.

In the rare case that a listing turns out to not be what the property owner promised, we will transfer the first year rent back to you.

What  will I transfer to MyCampusAgent once I book?

A booking via Mycampusagent always includes the first year’s rent and the booking fee. The booking fee comprises 10% (limited to NGN10,000 or other currency equivalent) of the first years’s rent and is charged for using our platform. Potential deposits need to be agreed on with the property owner. If you book for multiple years, the remaining years of rent need to be transferred directly to the property owner (not through MyCampusAgent).


Should we say again we take safety seriously? We know something may happen, but you should not worry about not having received your money even if someone cancels a booking. When you list your place with MyCampusAgent we’re there make your booking process flawless and secure.

No intermediaries

MyCampusAgent is not your regular booking service without a face. We’re community driven. Every user goes through a verification process, so you can find your perfect match!

Book your place now!

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