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5 Things To Stop Worrying About And Fully Enjoy Your 20’s

We want our 20s to be filled with milestones: to land the dream job, have the perfect partner, and live in the ideal home. But having these all at the same time can add unnecessary pressure onto ourselves, especially if we think we’re nowhere near our goals. To help you deal with your quarter-life crisis, read our reality check below.

1. Don’t overthink finding The One or getting married.

Focus on treating yourself with the love and respect you deserve. As if self-love isn’t enough, romantic love will find you faster when you’re completely happy with yourself. Relationships, after all, are not about filling an empty space; they’re about adding someone amazing into your already awesome life.2. You don’t have to know your life’s greatest passion just yet.You’re expected to know what your true passion or purpose is by now, but you’ll probably hit your thirties and forties without a clue. Maybe you won’t even find your grand passion, or maybe you’re meant to have many in your life. The point is to focus on the present. Priorities and goals change with time, but you should still be able to meet them. Let your life take its course, and you’ll get to where you need to be eventually.3. Value your opinions and ideas.If you spend the rest of your life seeking validation from other people, you’ll never feel good enough. Constantly worrying about what others think of you means you’re living for them, not for yourself. And there’s not much happiness in that.4. Aging is normal, so it shouldn’t be that big an issue.
The thought of getting older, your body changing, and not recognizing yourself can be scary. But not looking as healthy or as youthful as you are now should be the least of your problems. But it’s worth noting that the skincare and haircare options available these days help delay signs of aging.If you’re worried about wrinkles, use products that contain retinol to help slow down the skin aging process. If you’re experiencing hair fall, try to live a healthier, less stressful lifestyle, and use hair products that help treat it. One of the products you can use is the Cream Silk Hair Fall Defense Conditioner. It’s designed to help make weak and brittle strands stronger from the roots to the tips.

5. Failure is a stepping stone to success.

Years from now, when you’re at the top of your game, you’ll realize that success would not have been possible had you not made mistakes, been rejected, and experienced the lowest points of your life. Failures are only failures when you don’t learn from them.Credit: Scooper Original

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How To Live Alone

Living Alone?

So, you’re at university? Just started? Or are going to be going?

Well, there’s a few challenges that you might not expect. hen moving out and start living alone or in a shared flat/house for the first time.

Of course, living alone is more or less exactly what you think it will be like. No one telling you what to do, you can make your space your own, you basically have all the freedom in the world! And it is great! But this is the first step to proper independence, so whether you’re living in student accommodation, or renting a student house, here’s a few things that are going to be necessary for you to do:

Cooking Isn’t really that big of a deal, you may already love cooking and cook for yourself anyway. For those who don’t and struggle to cook, it comes very easily over time, you just got to stick to the recipes.


Something everyone hates but everyone needs to do. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING you pay for will need cleaning. The kitchen?

DEFFINATELY needs cleaning, take the bins out, clean the bins, mop the floor, clean the oven and stove. And, I can’t stress this enough, Wipe down the surfaces when you’re finished every day!

Bacteria build up isn’t something anyone wants, especially in a place you prepare and eat food. Your room? Again, clean it.

I know I’m going to sound like everyone’s mum right now, but honestly, you will need to give your room a clean semi-regularly, you never notice the dirt and dust build-up in your room over time, but once you vacuum and dust, it will look so much nicer! Also, keep it tidy! A messy room leads to a messy mindset, and at university, that is something you do NOT want. Your bathroom?

That is something you need to clean on the regular. It’s one of the places in a home where bacteria and dirt builds up more than anything. Bacteria and mould thrive in warm moist places. And most of the time, your bathroom is going to be one of those places. Wipe the showers down, clean between the cracks and seals, clean out the sink, clean out the toilet. Honestly, no one wants a disgusting bathroom.

The alone time. This is something no one really tells you about, but with university, it does get quite lonely.

But not lonely as in you won’t have friends or won’t spend time with people. Because trust me, you’ll make friends. And you’ll hang out and spend time with so many people. But it’s lonely as in you will spend most of your time alone.

University can be a very lonesome time, as you work alone in your flat/house. You cook alone, you relax and chill out alone. You spend more time with yourself than you ever have before. And that is honestly what shocked me the most as a student myself. And that is the one thing I wish I was told beforehand.

Obviously, there are many more things you’ll need face when moving out and living alone. But these are the few things that are probably of most importance. Well, they’re the most important things to me as a current student living in a shared flat. So it won’t hurt to let you know too.

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